Month: March 2017

Opinion: Let’s call terrorism what it is

The mistake to label white terrorists as ‘lone wolves’ is common throughout media coverage  By Jonathan Van Niel The Charleston Church shooting in South Carolina resulted in the deaths of nine African-Americans. Dylann Roof, the shooter responsible for the 2015 attack, was a member of white nationalist and neo-Nazi web forums. Wade Michael Page fatally

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Performance Riverside Musical revives the 20’s

Spirits are high as the cast and crew of Performance Riverside’s latest musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie” rehearse for their upcoming show in Riverside City College’s Landis Performing Arts Center.

Feminist club joins women’s march in LA

The Riverside City College Feminist club joined the International Women’s Day March in downtown Los Angeles on March 5 which was led by AF3RM, a transnational feminist organization.

People of different genders, sexualities and backgrounds united under one on an overcast day in LA. Among these people were members of RCC’s Feminist Unite club.

‘Get Out’ captivates audiences attention

This tagline for Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” brilliantly encapsulates the racial dynamics at play in this chilling social-thriller. In his feature debut as a writer and director, Peele holds a mirror to 21st century America and dismantles the assertion that we live in a post-racial society.