Creating a pathway to success

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By Deborah Almaraz
Pathways Outreach Supervisor Delia Tijerina assists a Riverside City College student in the Welcome Center located in the Dr.Charles A. Kane building on Nov. 14. (Chris Edson | Viewpoints)

Empowering students and giving them the tools to succeed is key.

The Completion Counts through Pathways Initiative Program, also known simply as Pathways, is a program at Riverside City College that is designed to help students create an educational plan that is timely and effective.

“The Pathways program is designed for students who want to be aggressive with their education and want to knock it out,” Outreach Supervisor Delia Tijerina said. “(Timeliness) is an important component to RCC and we understand the level of importance for all the students to try and find their path.”

Although the educational path that each student takes may be different, there are core requirements that must be met in order to participate in the program.

The contract made for RCC students by the Pathways program requires that participants do their part in being proactive about their education. Students need to be enrolled in at least 15 units each semester, maintain a 2.0 grade point average and pass the one-year remediation (pass english and math classes) before moving on to the two-year program.

“Our hope and dream is that (Pathways can) create a smooth path (to) get (students) through in two years,” Tijerina said.

Tijerina went on to describe Pathways as sort of a mentoring program by comparing it to having a personal trainer at the gym.

“If you are working out, you are going to perform better (by) having a trainer there pushing you and telling you not to give up,”  she said.

Students may be motivated to hold up their end of the Pathways bargain, considering that there are many perks offered to participants.

Marisol Angolo is an RCC student who hopes to learn more about services offered on campus. 

Angolo said she is looking to join Pathways in the near future to help keep her education on track.

“I hope to get my schooling done in two years but possibly two and a half depending on my major,” Angolo said.

Angolo said she either wants to be and electrical engineering or orthopedic surgeon.

Resources include access to computers and workshops as well as the opportunity to speak with counselors and  educational advisors.

Engagement centers within the program offer information sessions regarding educational paths and also provide resources and tools that help keep students on track in their scholastic endeavors.

The Completion Counts through Pathways Initiative Program is located in the Welcome Center of the Kane building.

Educational advisors, including Ms. Tijerina, are available to help students and are able to coordinate a time best suitable for the student to meet with an advisor.

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