The hard work of RCC player leaves him at top of division.

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By Paola Palacios
Sophomore running back Seth Acda currently holds the lead in rushing with 929 yards in the National Central Division for the Tigers’ fall 2016 season. (Stacy Soriano| Viewpoints)

Riverside City College football team’s running back Seth Acda has proven that hard work pays off.

Football was not Acda’s first experience with sports, he played indoor hockey from age seven until his sophomore year of high school. It was at this time that he started to lean toward football.

“It was kind of tough… going from skates to cleats,” Acda said. “Playing hockey really helped my cutting ability… and helped (with) hand-eye coordination in football because (in) hockey you’re constantly handling the puck.”

He was not sure which sport to continue in. His father helped guide him in his final decision to choose football.

“I had a gut feeling…he encouraged me to play football because I was better at it … and explained how much more of a football player I was because I looked more natural out on the field,” Acda said.

A person who inspired and mentored Acda in his life was his late grandfather Ernesto Acda who died in 2014. His actions toward his family have helped influence Acda today.

“It was his actions that inspire me. He was a hard worker and never took no for an answer,” Acda said. “If it wasn’t for him joining the Navy and becoming a Master Chief none of my family would be here because he was from the Philippines.”

Acda uses the hard working characteristics he inherited from his grandfather on the field when he gets ready to play on Saturday nights.

Acda is No. 1 overall in rushes with 163, 929 yards, 92.9 yards per game and 10 touchdowns in the National Central division.

“All the hard work I put into spring, summer all the hours that I and my team have put in,”Acda said. “It’s not just about me and those numbers, it’s about my team and how they’ve helped me get to those numbers.”

Acda was the fourth string running back last season and slowly started to move up to first string after most of the running back kept getting injured last season. This year, Seth has started each game as a running back and has also punted for the Tigers.

“I started punting for my team (at the Ventura game on Sept. 24) to give the defense good field position,” Acda said. “I’ll play anywhere just to help my team out.”

Tom Craft, head football coach for the Tigers, explains how versatile Acda has been for the team.

“He’s just a multi purpose type of guy…(him) playing different positions in high school,” Craft said. “I can always count on him.”

“He’s one of the best players we’ve ever had,” he said. “He’s a smart football player. He has demonstrated that he’s a division I player.”

Saturday nights have become the place where Acda is seen putting his talents to work.

“What really goes through my head is what can I do as a player and teammate to help my team gain a competitive edge,”Acda said. “Getting all of my school work done before Friday so that day to really focus and visualize what I’m going to be going on Saturday night.”

Acda explained how much his love for football means to him, “I love the game so much I can’t help but smile,” he said.

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