Campus Views: What do you think about Donald Trump’s treatment of women?

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Photos and interviews by Jonathan Ramirez

Campus Views is an open forum for Riverside City College students to voice their own opinions, views and ideas.

The Oct. 20 issue campus question was: How do you feel about Donald Trump’s treatment of women?

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“I don’t really like how he treats women or his ideologies about women or how he views them. We should have a president that doesn’t have a close-minded view about people and have a more open-minded about equality and treatment of others.”

-Cheyenne Jordan

Dorothy Mcarty.JPG “It’s bad that he sees women in that light. And I feel that it’s disgusting that he feels like he can impose himself in anyway and it doesn’t seem like he has any remorse about it. His apology during the debate was half-hearted.”

-Dorothy McCarty

Stephany Palacios Llamas.JPG “It’s not offensive to me. Many people get offended by everything nowadays, so for me it’s normal. And basically people that do get offended are feminists that want everything their way.”

-Stephany Palacios Llamas

Jesus Perez.JPG “I haven’t really heard about the problem. But from what I read, he degrades them and I just  don’t think that’s cool. Especially when running for president. He’s judging them and it’s not right.”

       -Jesus Perez

Erica Duran.JPG “Sexist, very. Because women count for as much of a vote as men do and if you disrespect the women then the men are definitely gonna follow in what the women do. A lot of men really go where the women are.”

-Erica Duran

Aaron Ford.JPG“Well I think he’s a sexist and he shouldn’t be running for president and that’s period. I don’t think Trump has a understanding of women because he clearly doesn’t respect them, so Trump should not even have an opinion on women.”

-Aaron Ford

Robert Duran.JPG “Demeaning. It’s a battle of sexes type of thing, like men are more dominant than women. People are equal, that is my answer.”

-Robert Duran

Mia Magana.JPG “I think he’s very disrespectful. And I don’t like that he doesn’t respect women at all. He’s very rude. I wouldn’t want him to be president. He’s not very smart, so I’m not with Donald Trump on this one.”

-Mia Magaña

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