Hillary Clinton should be held accountable

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By Iran Tapia

views-hillaryWith the upcoming 2016 election we have seen and heard many unimaginable things from our presidential candidates, both good and bad. Making reappearance, one of these things was the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

When this controversy first came out to the public I did not give it too much thought, but once I did I realized how crucial the issue is. For deeper insight, Clinton used a private email for the use of official government communications, later deleting thousands of these emails that were marked as secret to the government. She denied about the emails being classified as government top secret and later lied when asked if she has always been truthful, the emails were confirmed classified by the government.

She broke federal records laws, but she refuses to acknowledge that what she did was unpermitted. The FBI are yet to figure out if the case was a criminal act or not, but it certainly was not permitted. What I ask myself is what was so delicate, that she went to the extent of breaking records laws, to hide from the rest of the government? I highly doubt that the issue was a personal one. Her excuse for having this private email server was because it was more “convenient.”

“I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails,” she said. My initial thought is “Another lying candidate?” This issue not only made Clinton untrustworthy and hurt her reputation but made it harder for us voters to make a confident vote come November. Even members of her own Clinton campaign were skeptical about the situation making them doubtful of their commitment to her. How does one positively vote with doubts of their presidential selection in the back of their mind?

This 2016 election seems to be a very tough one and the scandal did not help it. Truthfully I was never too fond of Clinton, to begin with and when this issue began to re-circle, it just reminded me that I was not going to have a fun time voting this year as my first time being a legally registered voter.

Her dishonesty brought me to the conclusion that she is not very serious about following the rules of the law which will continue to corrupt the government if she is elected. She broke federal rules and the government acted quite lightly towards it. What kind of message does that send to, not only Clinton’s voters but to other political figures?

Denying and lying about classified emails should be punished and in my opinion, disqualify her from the race, but then that leaves us with another immoral candidate. Either way, I’m brought to believe that we are doomed this election. Sadly, our country can only close our eyes and hope for the best, because the way these candidates are set up it can only go bad or bad.

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