The good, the bad and the painfully obvious

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This fall theatergoers will face a plethora of what looks as though it promises to consist of the good, the bad and the painful to suffer through.

August – despite it being kicked off by putting audience members in a Hot Topic coma with the recent dose of garbage: Suicide Squad – will press on in a fairly decent and family friendly manner with Pete’s Dragon – released Aug. 12 – a modern adaptation of the 1977 Disney film. While this movie looks as though it is worth ticket prices it will unfortunately be competing, by way of same day release, with the over anticipated Sausage Party which appears to have as much false edge as Suicide Squad with it’s tired “Hey look, animated characters swearing!” premise.

Aug. 19 offers a reasonable amount of fun with another family friendly film: Kubo and The Two Strings. Most of this film’s appeal lies in its elements of storytelling and art/cinematography. War Dogs also having a release date on Aug. 19 gives forth a bit of an ambiguous impression. This movie could truly fall on either end of the spectrum, however more than likely not nearly close enough to the edge of either.

If you’re interested in seeing what is sure to be a low quality rip off of a good movie that already exists then Sep. 2 Morgan looks as though it’ll be the movie for you! So many elements of this film – storyline, setting, cinematography, character base, pacing, etc – look as though they were violently heaved from 2015’s Ex Machina and spilt across a new and less intriguing title.

Further on down the line on Sep. 16 theaters deal out Snowden and the ever so unnecessary Blair Witch. Snowden is certain to be the stronger title but that doesn’t really do this writer’s anticipation for it justice. Blair Witch will indefinitely be a reminder that plenty of movie studios just don’t care as long as they pocket your money.

To close out September theaters will host The Magnificent Seven on Sep. 23 and while my personal expectation is that this film will be forgettable at best, I do feel that the full movie can – and hopefully will – leave me pleasantly surprised with a new and exciting western epic.

Similar to Snowden Oct. 7 The Birth of a Nation seems like it’s a sure to be well made film which tells the tale of Nat Turner, the leader of an 1831 slave rebellion in Virginia, while a week later, on Sep. 14 Kevin Hart is sure to be as predictable as ever with some loud yelling and silly faces in Kevin Hart: What Now?

November seems to be the month for those who favor the mystic and magical with both the release of Marvel’s new addition to their cinematic universe: Doctor Strange – Nov 4 – which looks as though guests are in for another  lesser heard of but sure to be spectacular (to the likeness of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man) comic book hero adventure as well as the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – Nov. 18 -. As one who is not truly a follower of the Potter films I myself am still incredibly excited to see this film. Room for the possibility of disappointment with both films can be seen, but is believed to be unlikely.

Diving into late November on the 23, Disney will be striking screens everywhere yet again with another family friend film entitled Moana. This film will follow Disney’s first Hawaiian female lead character and her adventure with a demi-god by the name of Maui.

To pack away the year movie enthusiasts will have a side story to the primary drama much like Fantastic Beasts but a long time ago in a universe far far away.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story holds fans in year long anticipation with a Dec. 16 release date. Rogue One hopefully will do a better job of staying with the gritty trailer, unlike The Force Awakens.

Finally to cap off the year there will be yet another title that may leave fans wanting more but will more than likely be just another production studio that’s pulling the name of a franchise simply because it already has a fanbase that will buy anything with that name and trademark. Assassin’s Creed has a late release of Dec. 21.

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