Student art reveals compelling talent

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by Alyssa Ruiz

        As you walk into the Student Honors Art Exhibit at Riverside City College, captivating, yet nonsensical pieces of art plaster the pearly, white walls making for a gratifying sight.

        Paintings small and big, colored and not colored, framed and not framed fill the room. As well as sculptures, pottery, photographs, cartoons and even animations.

        For people who are fans of art, and for people who aren’t, this is one exhibit I suggest not missing.

        Open until May 27, the exhibit allows students of all art classes on campus to portray their newly developed skills for the school to see.  

        Each spring the school’s art department puts together this exhibit. Professors choose pieces they feel are qualified enough to showcase, allowing the students to feel accomplished and proud of their hard work.

        The exhibit was very organized, dividing each style of art throughout the room.

        Seconds after walking through the exhibit doors my eyes immediately gravitated toward Cecilia Serna’s painting, “A Neptunian Birth,” from across the room.

        The color of the woman’s eyes, as well as the cat’s eyes, couldn’t help but hold my attention. After gazing at the painting longer I yearned to know the story behind this woman and the reason being for her somber facial expression, as well as why her arms are covered in blood.

        Continuing to examine the room my emotions ran wild like a rollercoaster. One minute I was laughing at the portraits poking fun at celebrities like Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, and the next minute I was in utter awe of the beauty the photograph like Hugo Fernando’s Essence beholds.

        Containing all forms of art, this exhibit is anything but ordinary. I was truly blown away by the quality of each art piece, but more importantly by the talent our school’s art students hold.

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