‘Miracles’ renews viewer’s faith

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‘Miracles from Heaven’ tells the story of a young girl’s declining health and her family’s faith

Movie Review

Jennifer Garner;Kylie Rogers
From left, Christy (Jennifer Garner), Kevin (Martin Henderson) and Anna Beam (Kylie Rodgers) discuss what happened to Anna in the cottonwood tree at their home. Image Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment

Written by Kat Weaver

Experience “Miracles from Heaven” for yourself. This intriguing and inspiring small town family shares its true-life story to the masses on the big screen.

Jennifer Garner gives an outstanding performance by portraying the real life events of the Beam family.

Christy Beam (Garner) is a loving wife and mother who suddenly comes face to face with the incurable intestinal disease that will soon take the life of her 10-year-old daughter, Anna (Kylie Rogers.)

The family from Burleson, Texas had more than their faith tested as they began encountering many sleepless nights and emergency room visits.

All of the doctors’ reports proved there was no cure in sight for Anna. As a result, her family was pushed into the brink of hopelessness.

Anna’s parents, enlightened by the possibility that Dr. Nurko (Eugenio Derbez) could help their frail daughter, soon agonized with yet another unexpected family hardship. They were placed on a nine monthlong waiting list.

While Anna’s father Kevin Beam (Martin Henderson) takes on two jobs to manage the overwhelming medical financial hardships, Christy takes Anna to Boston for medical treatment.

Anna ultimately had a life-changing event in the front yard of her family home. She had a near death experience and went to heaven where she was told she would be healed from her disease, and that she would return to her family to tell others that God and heaven are real.

Miraculously, she came back to life and was cured of her disease.

“Miracles from Heaven” is a Christian faith based movie. Viewers could sense that the Beam family had a strong Christian faith but by feeling powerless, their faith lapsed.

It was inspiring to see a family’s faith restored through this young child and how Anna’s story impacted a small community, a church, her doctors and eventually her parents.

I recommend watching this movie because viewers may resonate with this family’s story like I did as a parent

Garner’s commitment and portrayal of a loving mother struck a chord. People can easily become overwhelmed in seeking healing and restoration for their once healthy child.

Overall, there is some sadness that is an integral part of the story. Some may not find it enjoyable, as sadness is a part of life that most of us do not want to see. In the end however, the story is heart warming.

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