Club Rush welcomes incoming students

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Students line Terracina Drive Mar 2 ,at Riverside City College’s Club Rush.                  Tyler Reese|Viewpoints

Club Rush was hard to miss as it lined Terracina Drive at Riverside City College on March 2-3.

Club Rush gives RCC students the opportunity to join a club that most interests them. Each club offers students opportunities to work towards their goals and without it, students wouldn’t really know about the clubs that are offered, nor would any them go looking for a club.

I spotted a large amount of students rushing to tables, whether it was to the TV, Movie and Film club, the Dance Club or people just seeing what each club had to offer.

“I came to school and had no clue what was going on, so I walk over to a booth and they told me about Club Rush,” said Riverside City College student Amy Lopez. “I think that it’s really cool that they get to display their club and recruit members. I even got to learn a few things from different clubs that I thought I’d never be interested in.”

There was a large selection of clubs to choose from including those that pride themselves on being inclusive to students.

“Here at (Gay Straight Alliance) we promote the idea of a safe place for LGBTQIA youth, we would love more diversity, we want to show that we are all equal, we all deserve to be respected,” said GSA president Oscar Nunez.

Not every club is focused on extracurriculars however. There are a few clubs that focus on helping students achieve goals academically.

The RCC Honors Program has been an integral part of helping students transition from community college to a university.

“We have two sides to our Honors Program, there is the Honors Program and then there is the Honors Club,” said Honors Program coordinator Thatcher Carter. “With the program we aim to create a different learning environment. For example, a normal class can have up to 50 students, however in an honors class we have about 20 students. This gives our professor an opportunity to delve into issues much more deeply. Then there is the club, in which we focus on two things. The first being cultural events, and the second being focused on transfer.”

Alpha Gamma Sigma is another club that helps students achieve their academic goals. They are an honor society that helps students in California community colleges.

“Our goal is to promote academic achievement, foster leadership and do a lot of community service on and off of campus,” said Alpha Gamma Sigma member Shanna Clark

Club Rush gives RCC’s students a chance to be a part of something, to belong to something and more importantly to feel comfortable with who they are. It is an opportunity to express themselves and do what they love with people who have the same ideas, goals and dreams.

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