‘Immortal’ singer graces Pomona

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Written by Dominique Redfearn | Published Oct. 22, 2015

Pop artist Marina and the Diamonds performed to a sold-out crowd at the Fox Theater in Pomona Oct. 17.

Although she performs with a band, Marina and the Diamonds is not an ensemble but a lone Welsh vocalist named Marina Diamandis. “The Diamonds” in her stage name is in reference to her fans.

Mainstream audiences may be unfamiliar with Diamandis’ work but she has attained a dedicated fanbase online – the first few fans lined up almost 24 hours before doors opened to guarantee a spot front and center to their favorite artist. 


Her fans are as enthusiastic as they are plentiful. Many dressed in bright colors with handmade fruity inspired accessories in honor of her newest album entitled “Froot,” one even came in a full banana suit and was hard to miss from her spot closer to the stage.

Others dressed head to toe in bright pink with hearts painted on their cheeks in homage to her sophomore album “Electra Heart.”

I had seen Diamandis previously on her last headlining tour in 2013, which focused primarily “Electra Heart.” Diamandis took on a bleach blonde alter ego that explored what she believed were the different archetypes of a stereotypical American woman: “Teen Idle,” “Primadonna,” “Homewrecker” and “Su-Barbie-A.”

Now she has shed her alter ego and performs each song truthfully as herself.

At this venue she did not have an opening act unlike other stops in this tour. A large screen dominated the stage and served as a powerful prop during the show. Emojis, snippets from her music videos and other graphics chosen specifically for each song illuminated the screen throughout the show.

Diamandis arranged the show like a play with all three of her albums split into three different acts versus her only playing a majority of songs from her latest album like most fans had expected.

The setlist satisfied most fans as it showcased some of her best songs from each of her three albums. A realistic cartoon that depicted the visual transformation of Diamandis from one era to the next would grace the screen as her band provided an instrumental transition into each next act.

The crowd began shrieking at the first glimpse of Diamandis, who emerged from behind the screens in a metallic purple jumpsuit and a sparkling mouse ear headpiece to match.

She began her first act with five songs from her debut album “The Family Jewels.” Finishing with a song entitled “Hollywood,” Diamandis strutted around as fans enthusiastically shouted back the lyrics.

After a quick wardrobe change, she reappeared in a pink jumpsuit and pom-poms to kick off her next act “Electra Heart.” The five songs in this act seemed like they got the most response from the crowd given that the songs from this album are the catchiest.

During the end of her song “Lies” there was an instrumental build up that kept the crowd anxious for the next note. “Are you ready?,” Diamandis teased before the next note hit, eliciting deafening screams from the audience.

Finally, she stepped out in a neon green jumpsuit and finished with songs from “Froot.” She opened with the title track and performed a majority of songs from the album.

Her voice is not one that most would expect for pop music. It is reminiscent of a mythical siren, luring fans in with her catchy synth-pop beats and emotion filled lyrics. Diamandis is an artist that sounds exactly, if not better, than how she sounds on her albums.

She interacted with fans between certain songs whether it was to build background to them or express her gratitude for her fans. She even remarked on how amazed that the venue sold out as quickly as it did.

‘Thank you for sharing chapters of my life with me,” said Diamandis before introducing her final song, “Blue.” “It’s a weird thing, music in general, because it brings all kinds of people together… It’s one thing to write songs but it’s another thing to feel like you found people who feel the same and with who you share the same experiences. I’m very lucky and I just want to tell you that I feel very lucky.”

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