Facts you may not have known about Riverside City College

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  • On March 13, 1916, the Riverside Board of Education met and heard the arguments about starting a junior college. The topic was discussed at length and approved for a junior college to be open in Riverside during the month of September, according to the RCC centennial film.
  • RCC used 14 classrooms classes while the campus was still used originally by Riverside Polytechnic High School.
  • The name of Riverside Junior College was changed to Riverside College in to better represent the post-war mission of the institution on June 4, 1945.
  • Riverside City College’s athletic department had teams such as women’s field hockey, badminton and a rifle team.
  • Band director Gary Locke took over the Riverside City College Marching Band program in 1984.
  • Following World War II, the return of Veterans increased the college’s enrollment from 184 students in 1944 to 1,097 students in 1946.
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