Fright night in the garden

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Written by Treva Flores

More laughs than screams filled the Riverside City College community garden during the viewing of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn” (1984.)

Oct. 30 was the first movie showing hosted by the RCC Community Garden, with more to come throughout the fall semester.

Associate Professor Virginia White came up with the idea of this event in honor of Halloween, but the next movie will be more educational.

As guests arrived with blankets in hand, Associate Professor Tonya Huff handed out free popcorn bags.

The set up was comprised of rows of folding chairs angled toward the Math and Science Building.

The movie itself was projected on the side of the building.

Attendants came dressed in pajamas and sweatshirts, prepared for the chilly fall weather as a cool breeze flowed throughout the night, adding to the suspense of the film.

“It was a little slow at first, but it was fun. It was about what I expected due to it being the night before Halloween,” said Huff.

It was the perfect setting for the “horror” movie, but as the night progressed the movie seemed more silly than scary.

“It was funnier than I remember, but the audience was having fun,” said Huff.

Outdated special effects and bad script writing led to laughter while the children slaughtered their own parents and formed a religious cult in the cornfield.

The group of children met their match when Burt Stanton and Vicky Baxter get lost in their town.

In the end the bad guys, or rather children, die and the good children survive as the couple saves them from the terrible religion they followed.

Although nothing too frightening happened it was a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend.

The next movie will be co-hosted by the garden, Student Sustainability Collective and RCC STEM on Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m.

“Cowspiracy” will be shown, which is an environmental documentary about industrial animal production in the United States.

The documentary is meant to take a humorous and entertaining approach toward this educational subject.

The SSC has accomplished tasks such as implementing recycling bins in the cafeteria as well as the creation of the community garden.

“They’re a group of students concerned about creating a smaller footprint,” said Huff.

Their next goal is to convince administration to remove bottled water from campus and install refillable water stations that students can use for free.

The SSC reached out to STEM for the next movie as a way to reach out to other campus clubs.

Both groups have science majors and according to Huff it is a logical partnership.

The garden series will end the week before finals with a film to celebrate Christmas.

The date, time and movie have yet to be announced.

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