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Updated: Nov. 7, 2015 | Written by Viewpoints Staff
Photo courtesy of Digital Library Archive
Photo courtesy of Digital Library Archive


Parking and all activities for Riverside City College’s Centennial Celebration are free for most events except for football, food trucks and Young Frankenstein.


Centennial Film

Parades of floats decorated elaborately, streets filled with shiny cars, and a football field filled with carnival games. These are only a few of the many sights to see Nov. 7 for Riverside City College’s centennial celebration.

One of the events commemorating RCC’s 100 year anniversary includes a Centennial Film. This film will be in the form of a timeline, going over the history of the college. The film includes prominent people involved with the school, the construction of important buildings on campus and will end with important people here now and look into the future.

“It’s gonna be like a timeline of the college,” said Instructional Media Technician Armando Castro. “It kind of tells you what’s was going on in each year I wouldn’t really call it a history more like a centennial timeline.”

The film will start with the very beginning of RCC, going over the first graduating class and the very first president. Mentioned in the film is the first graduating class, composed of 114 students and 14 faculty members.

Throughout the video, notable people of the college are mentioned, including the first president of the college, Hugh Law. The title “president” was not used, instead, Law was known as the Chief Executive Officer.

Photos of what the land looked like before Poly High School’s buildings were demolished and buildings that are still here to this day are included in the film. The different sports, clubs and organizations on campus are also shown and briefly explained in the film.

Toward the end, the film will feature some current members of the community and staff, future projects for RCC and current clubs and organizations.

The Centennial Film is scheduled for Nov. 7 in the Digital Library Auditorium at 10 a.m.



To kick start the Nov. 7 activities of Riverside City College’s Centennial Celebration, there will be a parade held at 9 a.m. that will commence from the Riverside County Courthouse and conclude at RCC.

A professional choreographer was hired for the parade, according Centennial Didnitariesto ASRCC President Nigel Item. Community members, local schools and RCC clubs, such as Ujima and possibly the Nursing Program, will be in the parade.

Riverside Police Department will be coordinating traffic and safety, according to Michelle Davila, executive administrative assistant.

In coordination with Riverside City Police, “A Cone Zone Traffic Control,” a barricade company, is tasked with setting up the parade route. The Wood Streets neighborhood, Riverside Community Hospital and all local businesses were notified of the event.

Since traffic will be affected during the parade, parking at RCC will be open to all attendees, who are encouraged to park in the Parking Structure.

High winds and high spirits were not hard to miss as Riverside City College clubs prepared their Centennial parade floats Nov. 6.

Float Preparation 

RCC will be kicking off a massive celebration in honor of 100 years of service to the Riverside community.

A full day of events is planned for Nov. 7, beginning with a parade that started at the Riverside County Courthouse and end at RCC.

Alpha Gamma Sigma and the Associated Students of Riverside City College met on the visitors side of the Wheelock Stadium bleachers to work on their respective floats.

Despite the heavy winds, the groups took the time to organize and collaborate on the project.

There were several students that coordinated the process throughout the week including Lizette Capul, Interclub Council representative and RCC ambassador for the Alpha Gamma Sigma honor society.

“We had several people really helping out. Sedtavut Nilaad really had a heavy part on this,” Capul said. “Unfortunately he couldn’t be here today because he is preparing for Homecoming since he is a candidate and he will actually be representing AGS. He’s been here throughout the week and he helped with the design and coordinating the float itself.”

Nilaad is also a member of public relations for ASRCC.

“We had many club members come throughout the week to see what they can do to help,” Capul continued. “Although we are all very busy college students, we wanted to at least take time to be here.”

The ASRCC club room was available during the week for the beginning stages of the float making..

“Unfortunately, we can’t ride the float but we will be able to walk along with it and represent AGS wearing our shirts and our banner and showing a lot of school spirit and pride to this campus in celebration of the centennial,” Capul said.

The ASRCC float will feature tigers, RCC’s mascot, as well as the Lamp of Learning.

The Lamp of Learning is a symbol of  symbol of intelligence, learning, wisdom and knowledge and has been a part of the Riverside Community College District since the 1920s.

Those who participated expressed pride and the sense of responsibility in doing so.

“We help to fund the clubs on campus so it is important to participate,” said ASRCC member Charlie Zacarias.

“Being (in) ASRCC, we have a big part in the centennial events and it is very important to us to celebrate,” said Mayra Castorenas, member of ASRCC’s public relations. “Since it is a big part of our lives, we are just glad to do it.”

ASRCC members showed their dedication by continuing to work on the float even as winds knocked over their supplies or blew around sheets of paper they were attaching to their floats. They simply laughed and continued to work together to design their float. Nigel Item, ASRCC president, was also present to assist the group.

Some students expressed things that they were excited to see at the Centennial Celebration.

“The air show is going to be great I can’t wait to see it,” said Jeffrey Thomas, member of Alpha Gamma Sigma since Spring 2015. “I am also excited to see what other floats are being made for the parade.”

Alpha Gamma Sigma’s float will be dedicated to the RCC history of its former advisor Ron Yoshino. Yoshino taught history courses at RCC for over 20 years and also invigorated the Honors Program.

The float will feature a ribbon to honor the fact that he died on June 16 after battling cancer, as well as historical symbols reflecting his many years as a history instructor at RCC.

Providing a public service is a value that is shared by many RCC club members, including Thomas.

“I take a lot of pride in providing service to the community,” Thomas said. “I get fulfillment doing something productive instead of just doing nothing.”

“I think it’s important that students, especially celebrating the centennial year participate in activities, because we only get this chance once,” Capul said. “It important to get involved … and make this experience worth it. RCC has a very high quality of education and very high standards and that’s what helps build this community.”


Football Game

For a second consecutive year, the Chaffey College (5-3, 2-2) will take the field against Riverside City College (6-2, 3-1) in National Central Conference play.

The Panthers’ return a veteran group of players on offense that can pose as a threat for the Tigers defense including quarterback Levi Plante and wide receiver Marquis Wimberly.

The pair has connected for a touchdown play in each of its first eight game and is a trend that may likely continue after this game.

But the pairing of Wimberly and Plante are not the only thing the Panthers bring to the table.

If you ask El Camino coach John Featherstone, he will be the first to tell you that the Panthers are a well coached team, who earned the win over his team “fair and square” on Oct. 31.

The Panthers will also have the ability to run the ball out of the backfield on offense and will be something that will keep the Tigers defense honest on Saturday night.

In the game against then-undefeated Long Beach City College, the Tigers allowed 256 passing yards while limiting the offense to 32 rushing yards.

The Tigers will need to work out its running back situation after Tigers head coach Tom Craft stated that the running back committee is trying to overcome a series of injuries.

The injuries showed as the backfield was limited to 42 yards. Fortunately for the Tigers, the passing game were nearly flawless against the Vikings.

Ian Fieber, who has quickly settled in as the team’s new starting quarterback, completed 33 of his 41 passes for 342 yards and four touchdowns.


Air Show

Riverside City College will be holding its Centennial Celebration Nov. 7 from 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. and during the event approximately at 3:30 p.m. there will be an air show over Wheelock stadium.

Instructional Media Center Manager Henry Bravo and Instructor of TV Prod Studio Spec Fred Tedesco, have both been in coordination with the Inland Empire Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and Colonel Eddie Bentley who is the air show coordinator according to Michelle Davila, executive administrative assistant.

A C-53 Cargo carrier and a P-51 Mustang are two planes that have been confirmed to be in the air show. RCC students and staff had the option to buy raffle tickets and possibly win a chance to sit in one of the open seats that were available. One seat was open in the P-51 Mustang and Seven in the C-53 Cargo plane.


Other Notes:

  • The Internet will not be accessible at Riverside City College on Saturday, Nov. 7, from 9-11 p.m. due to maintenance.
  • RTA bus stop on corner of Magnolia & Terracina is out of service Nov. 7 as RCC celebrates its centennial. Routes affected: 1, 13, 15 & 50
Alexis Naucler, James H. Williams, Tyler Reese and Crystal Olmedo contributed to this report

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