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Ryan Rudolph sworn in as the Student Trustee for 2014-2015 term

Ryan Rudolph at the RCCD Board of Trustees meeting as the Student Trustee on April 21.

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Posted: April 21, 2015 | Updated: April 22, 2015 | Written by James H. Williams


Ryan Rudolph has been sworn in officially as the Student Trustee for the Riverside Community College District Board of Trustee on April 21 at its second of two consecutive meetings at Moreno Valley College.

Rudolph will serve the rest of April Galvan’s term that ends after the spring semester and begin his own official term immediately after.

“I am an interesting case since this is the first time this has happened,” Rudolph explained. “What they officially had to do was swear me in (at the Board of Trustee meeting).”

Rudolph believes he may be sworn in once again following the start of his full term.

“They decided because it was so late that it would be one election and I will fill in for the rest of this term and next term,” he stated. “The election was not a special election it was an actual election.”

While he has been named the Student Trustee of RCCD, Rudolph still plans to finish out his term as the Associated Students of Riverside City College Vice President.

“Technically I am suppose to resign according to what the constitution is,” he said. “However I am still acting as vice president.”

Rudolph said the decision to finish his term as vice president has lead to some opposition from students and advisors.

“I did have some issue with having to resign being that it is almost the end of the semester and when I ran with Ray (Orozco) I decided I was going to finish out my term.”


Ryan Rudolph

Ryan Rudolph, who is currently serving as the Associated Students of Riverside City College Vice President, will be sworn in as the Student Trustee for the rest of the 2014-2015 term, according to the Board of Trustees minutes for April 21.

Riverside Community College District Chancellor Michael Burke will manage the process for the Student Trustee oath of office.

Stay tuned for more as Viewpoints will be live tweeting from the Board of Trustee’s meeting.

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