BREAKING: Several Riverside Community College District websites down

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Posted: March 12, 2015 | Updated: March 18, 2015 | Written by James H.Williams and Crystal Olmedo

A number of websites hosted by the Riverside Community College District are down as of 3 p.m. March 12. Familiar websites such as Blackboard and Webadvisor are not affected.

Gloria Aguilar, the Administrative Assistant for the RCC Information Services Department, stated that Darren Dong, the Director of Web Development, has been informed of the situation and it is being addressed.

According to an email from Dong, the problem with the web servers was resolved that evening.

Websites that are down:

  • Riverside Community College District
  • Riverside City College
  • Norco College

Websites that are working:

  • Moreno Valley College
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