BREAKING: Possible gunshots heard near Riverside City College

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Posted: Dec. 4, 2014 | Latest Update: Dec. 5 at 1:41 p.m.

Initial Report (4:12 p.m.):

Gunshots were reportedly heard near the campus of Riverside City College at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 4. RCC police are still checking the area and perimeter of the campus, according to Police Chief Jim Miyashiro.

“Riverside P.D. advised that the sound may have come from the area of 15th and Magnolia. At this time there is nothing going on at the RCC campus,” said Miyashiro in an email.

The Early Childhood Education Center at RCC is on lockdown until further notice, according to sources in the center.

There will be more information posted when available.

UPDATE (4:40 p.m.):

According to Shari Yates, an all clear was given by the RCCD Police, but the Early Childhood Education Center is keeping their doors locked “to be safe”.

“The kids on the infant side were outside on the playground and some of the preschoolers were outside and there were four pops, four loud pops,” Toni Rangel, child development lab manager, said. “So they thought they were gunshots, so they immediately came in. We could hear it so I ran down the hall and thats when they said that they thought that it was gunshots because it was four in a row, and so we locked down.”

A school in San Bernardino was also put on lockdown after hearing three gunshots at 3 p.m. on Dec. 4, according to the Press-Enterprise. The incident was approximately 25 minutes before gunshots were reportedly heard on the RCC campus.

UPDATE (5:37 p.m.):

Riverside City College Police Chief Jim Miyashiro stated the campus was not on lockdown despite reports of possible gunshots being heard.

“People reported that they heard what sounded like gunshots, but we cannot confirm gunshots unless we have bullet holes or shells or casings on the ground,” Miyashiro said. “Riverside Police Department reported that there were possible gunshots near the campus in the area of 15th street and Magnolia Ave.”

The lockdown was not ordered because we could not confirm that there were actual gunshots but Miyashiro confirmed that “individuals decided to self-lockdown” as a precaution.

RCCD police officers investigated the report from Riverside Police Department by searching RCC’s campus and surrounding areas where the possible gunshots were reportedly heard.

“We set up a perimeter to make sure no one is running in this direction (toward the school),” Miyashiro added. “After they set up a perimeter, officers systematically start searching the campus.”

Officers searched the softball fields, the lower campus, Wheelock Field and the Riverside Community Hospital, located near the campus.

Officers also checked and confirmed that there were not starter pistols, because of track and field activities, going off at the time of the reported noise.

 Evening classes were not canceled by the college.

UPDATE (1:41 p.m. on Dec. 5):

Viewpoints has confirmed with RCC police chief Jim Miyashiro that a suspect has not been taken into custody surrounding the reports of gunshots heard Dec. 4 by various members of the RCC community on campus.

There were some unconfirmed reports of a possible suspect being taken into custody by police that had possession of an airsoft gun.

Did you hear the sound of gunshots on Dec. 4? Tweet what you heard using the hashtag #RCCnow on Twitter

Valerie Osier, James H. Williams, and Crystal Olmedo contributed to this report.

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