GSA club anticipates Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

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Oct. 1, 2014

Photo Illustration by Michael Walter | Assistant Photo Editor

Article by Shamir Aleem | Staff Writer


The Gender and Sexuality Awareness Club at Riverside City College anticipates a ruling on the gay marriage cases currently being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court starting Sept. 29.

The Supreme Court justices were presented with state appeals of lower court rulings that struck down bans on same-sex marriage in five states.

The justices will have the option to reserve hearing the cases until January and could usher their final verdict in June.

Some students on campus feel that the court should address the cases promptly.

“The justices should make marriage equality a priority,” said Fabian Hinojosa, GSA vice president.

In the event that the supreme court does not rule in favor of the state, people would be pushed to find support in their local communities.

“I think that would provide [GSA] with more recognition,” said Hinojosa.

Hinojosa believes states that have already achieved marriage equality will be undermined by the court if it rules in favor of the states pushing to reinstate same-sex marriage bans.

Whatever the courts verdict may be, for the court to be addressing these issues for the first time “is a milestone for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community,” according to Hinojosa.

The vice president will remain busy, waiting to hear the courts decision while promoting fun and social activities for GSA. He is hopeful that the decision will encourage more people to join GSA, a community he describes as a safe haven.

“People with an LGBT background can come and express themselves freely,” said Hinojosa.

Although Hinojosa is “not too sure” who the court will rule in favor of, he is confident the final verdict will determine the status of same-sex marriage in every state across the nation.

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