Repairs are being made to fix problems caused by this week’s thunderstorm

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James H. Williams | Managing Editor

Aug. 22, 2014

Campus data and communication systems were affected by the thunderstorm that took place on Aug. 20.

The storm disabled fire alarms on the campus of Riverside City College, the Rubidoux education annex and other Riverside Community College District offices located off the campus of RCC.

An announcement was posted on the RCC website that the fire alarms will be tested on the night of Aug. 22 to address any further problems.

Students and staff on campus during Aug. 21 were asked to use cell phones in the case of an emergency after emergency phones located on campus were unable to make outgoing calls. The phones are working again according to an update on the college’s website as of Aug. 22.

As reported by Viewpoints, any calls made to office or department phones had received a busy signal on Aug. 21.

The phones are working again after staff worked overnight to fix the situation, according to a statement by RCCD’s Jim Parsons.

RCC Chief of Police Jim Miyashiro personally visited various buildings on campus to check on the security alarms along with another officer to make sure they were corresponding with the dispatch center.

He also sent an email to inform the community that if the services of the RCCD police are needed, they are encouraged to call the dispatch center at 909-537-7777.


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