Tigers shutdown by the Falcons of Cerritos College in SoCal regional

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Alexandra Ortiz/Staff Writer

May 15, 2014

The Riverside City College softball team ended the season with a record of 28-13, and took third place in the Orange Empire Conference.
The season has come to an end, and with it the pasta is gone, no more extra inning thrillers and no more screaming at the top of your lungs cheering for the Tigers.
In her 15th season as coach, Michelle Daddona put together a talented group of women to take on the Orange Empire Conference and make another run for the state title.
The Tigers started the season strong beating almost everyone they faced, during the first half of the season giving them a strong hold at the top of the conference standings.
The Santa Ana Dons had not beaten the Tigers in over two years. The Dons turned their losing ways against the Tigers around by sweeping them in every meeting between the teams in conference play this season.
It seemed like no matter what the Tigers tried to do there was no way of beating the Dons this season.
During the second half of the season the Tigers tried to keep a hold of a strong winning streak, unfortunately they were not able to keep up and got handed with four losses to end the season.
Even though they ended up in third place for the conference the Tigers still had the potential to make a post season run.
The Tigers’ pitching had started to come together, defense had come out strong for the last couple of games and we all knew they had power hitters.
Unfortunately, the Tigers had become dependent of late innings come backs and that finally caught up with them.
In the first round of the post season the Tigers faced the Cerritos Falcons.
The first game was a close one with the Tigers coming up short in a 5-3 game.
For the second game in the best of three series, it was all about the Falcons as the Tigers were unable to score and avoid the 4-0 shutout, which ended their 2014 season.
Despite the team losing four sophomores, the Tigers are left with a strong foundation for the 2015 season.

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