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May 15, 2014

Accounting office moves location

Business and Financial Services moved to a location off the Riverside City College campus May 1.

Bill Bogle, Riverside Community College District Controller, alleged that the move was the result of a request by the chancellor of Riverside City College, Irving Hendrick. The reason for the move was to consolidate departments.

College House is an historical building, and Bogle isn’t sure what plans if any are in store for the vacant structures.

The new location is in the district office building located on Spruce Street on the third floor.

The move was originally scheduled for last fall, but it had to be delayed until work could be completed on the new offices.

The staff packed up the offices themselves and then had Burges Moving and Storage make the transfer. The cost of the move was unknown to staff.

The move has left office vacancies on RCC’s lower campus. North Hall was headquarters to accounting, finance and purchasing, while College House was home to risk management and legal.


City council renames Central Avenue

To make the Riverside Plaza easier to locate, Central Avenue is getting a partial name change for a half-mile. From Highway 91 to De Anza Avenue, Central Avenue will be renamed Riverside Plaza Avenue as determined in a May 6 vote by the Riverside city council.

None of the residents or businesses will need to change their addresses, but the new name will be shown on highway and street signs to help drivers locate the plaza.

The name change will cost a few thousand dollars for new signs but city officials said renaming the street was the best way to publicize the plaza.


For The Record:

In the May 1 issue of Viewpoints on page 14, the photo cutline misspelled Galapagos as Galpagos. On the same page an image is attributed to Googe, but it is supposed to be Google

In the same issue on Page 12, the election feature does not give credit to the author, who is Hannah Labato.

In the same issue on page 15 in the softball column under sophomores, three names are listed when they should’ve been four. The names are as follows: Austin Schmidt, Desiree Broussard, Jaime Munoz and Amanda Venegas.

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