Psychedelia reemerges with ‘Midnight Sun’

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By Alejandra Garcia

Staff writer

May 5, 2014


The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, also known as The GOASTT, released their

third installment, “Midnight Sun,” late last month.

The whole album is a compilation of psychedelic experience with hints of

French new wave and circus inspired music.

Frontman, Sean Lennon, son of the late John Lennon, once again created

sweet music with band mate and girlfriend Charlotte Kemp-Muhl.

At times Lennon’s vocals eerily resemble his father’s, yet he still obtains his

own signature voice with the accompaniment of Kemp-Muhl’s chants.

Musically, “Midnight Sun” is a nostalgia trip that refers back to The Beatles’

later albums, such as “The White Album” and “Abbey Road.”

It also brings in mind the musical genius that is Serge Gainsbourg. The band

has covered some of the French singer/songwriter’s songs. One being “Comic Strip.”

The opening track, “Too Deep,” begins strong with percussion, and ethereal

chants in the background as Lennon sings in a whisper.

Other tracks, such as, “Moth to a Flame” and “Animals” already have music

videos. Both tracks don’t disappoint.

“Animals” is musically appealing and can make one’s head groove along to

the music. Although, lyrically the song can be confusing, the chorus goes like this,

“Animals have escaped the zoo! Coming down Fifth Avenue!…Stop running

away! Stop running away!”

It seems like Lennon and Kemp-Muhl might have also gotten their inspiration

from kid flick, “Madagascar.”

The video for “Moth to a Flame” is visually appealing and entertaining for

most part. It seems to have a clear message underneath the plot of the story. The

visuals and the music go hand in hand, making it a fun video.

If John Lennon were alive today he would be a proud papa.

“Midnight Sun” is out to purchase on iTunes or the nearest record store.

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