Pillaging continues in ‘Vikings’ season 2

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Aaron Beltran

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These are the ways some of history’s most violent yet brilliant marauders can be described.

Known for their immense size, power and strength, vikings wielded axes like no other and sailed the seas without fear.

The History Channel’s first scripted show began last year, and has drawn the eyes and ears of many.

Having generated a huge fan base, the show was renewed for a ten episode second season.

Airing the premiere of its second season on Feb. 27, the audience have had its eyes glued to what might be the next hit series.

Michael Hirst has done an incredible job of bringing these vicious people to life on the television screen.

There have been few movies or shows that portray these Norse warriors justifiably, with many choosing to exclude the importance of their religion.

“Vikings” not only provides rather accurate information, but an escape from reality into a world that once was, showcasing their lifestyle of merciless killing, honorable patriotism and the fearless facing of death.

Season one began with Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel) seeking the throne and title of Earl.

Tired of raiding depleted homelands, Ragnar sought to rule his people and take them to new riches overseas.

Receving help from his good friend Floki, the two traverse the seas safely. After returning with new knowledge, Ragnar fights for the throne in a battle to the death.

No man can decline a battle, for Odin as it would surely banish them from entering the halls of Valhalla, a right only reserved for the greatest of warriors.

“Vikings” not only gives us a broader perspective of the way these savages fought, but also, how they lived.

Filmed on location in Ireland, the scenes are filled with so much intricate detail that you may even forget you are watching a scripted show.

Season two begins four years after season one.

Ragnar is now leading the life he has always dreamed, however, nothing is perfect and things rarely stay the same.

Jealous of his brother’s new found power and feeling inferior, Rollo tries to steal his brother’s crown.

With only one previous season, it’s hard to believe that Hirst has done such an exceptional job with the development of his characters and the world around them.

Nothing kind will be in store for these characters.

Tune in Thursdays for the remaining episodes of season two on the History Channel.

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