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Alpha Gamma Sigma volunteer to benefit elderly and troubled youth in Riverside.

Scholars Help Seniors: Members of the Alpha Gamma Sigma gather at the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to create crafts with the elderly.
Scholars Help Seniors: Members of the Alpha Gamma Sigma gather at the Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to create crafts with the elderly.  Madilaine Davis/ Special to Viewpoints

Treva Flores | Staff Writer

In this new age full of iPhones, flat screen HD television sets, and social networking at our fingertips, it can be hard to remember that there are people
out there who survive without the latest technology.

People who are old or fragile, who need help taking care of their everyday needs and teens the same age as your little brother or sister, who got kicked out of
the house they once called home.

“It’s amazing how something so little, like a simple craft, can touch peoples hearts,” said Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society publicist Abigail Davis.

AGS is a state organization with a purpose of fostering, promoting, maintaining and recognizing scholarship.

Although the name may be a bit intimidating at first, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to this club.

The members are very friendly and excited to volunteer at places such as Operation SafeHouse, a shelter for runaway youth and Magnolia Rehabilitation and
Nursing Center, which is an elderly home that they attend every semester.

At Operation SafeHouse the members of AGS make breakfast, with real bacon, eggs and pancakes, play Wii and basketball and give gift bags with pens, pencils and other school supplies.

“We take a lot of things for granted, like bacon, the kids get so excited for real bacon to eat, but after spending time with them we can see from their perspective,” said president Dora Medrano.

During their trips to Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center AGS make crafts for the elderly living at the home.

“They aren’t really used to being fussed over, but when we come they know that they can sit back for a day as we fuss over them and make them crafts,” said
Abigail Davis.

Historian Madilaine Davis spoke about how her team made a craft for a deaf woman who was unable to speak and communicated by pointing to letters.

“She told us thank you and I love you, she was very grateful for our craft and it was touching to see her say she loves us when we had only met her that day.”

“ I love being a part of the community, our experiences humble us and make us grow, people love us,” said Medrano.

AGS also participates in a variety of other volunteer opportunities such as the Riverside Citrus Classic Bike Ride, where they passed out water.

The club allows members to decide where to volunteer next and give back to a cause that they enjoy.

This year AGS was able to hold the southern regional conference Nov. 16, 2013. This is where all of the Southern California AGS chapters come together and have a conference. There are usually 200-250 AGS students that attend and listen as guest speakers discuss topics ranging from political ideas to violence against women.

The topics may be about anything and the event is a way for the clubs to interact and share what they’re about.

The only requirement to join AGS is a 3.0 GPA and a 3.5 GPA for those who just recently graduated high school. Do not be intimidated by the 3.0 because the club is dedicated to helping others but also having fun.

The members describe the club as family and have watched each other grow in many ways, becoming leaders of society.

AGS helps develop leadership and communication skills that can be later applied to job applications, which is why AGS is a great way to give back to the community while creating work experience.

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