Day: December 2, 2013

Site assists students’ studies

Aaliyah Noble-Freeny | Staff Writer As the semester comes to a close students inevitably begin preparing for final exams. To help, on Nov. 19 an education technology company called “Studymode” launched a new study game called “Jewels of Wisdom” on its flashcard site is a website used by students and teachers around the world that consists of more than 70 million preset

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Students sparse at Obamacare forum

Health journalist holds seminar to answer crowd’s questions on ACA. Valerie Osier | Staff Writer Award-winning health journalist, Emily Bazar, answered important questions on Obamacare for the half-empty Digital Library Auditorium at Riverside City College.  The free informational event attracted about 30 people who sought answers from Bazar about the new law on Nov. 21. The forum was hosted by the Center for Health

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Law allows infected transplants

Bill goes through Congress that allows HIV patients organs. Daniel Ghanbari | Staff Writer Researchers say that some time during the 1930’s a form of simian immunodeficiency virus jumped from monkeys to humans in Central Africa. The virus then mutated and became the first human immunodeficiency virus known as HIV. By 1959 the first case of HIV in humans occurred in the Congo, which

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