J.B. on the ball: Stress to win

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Is there anything wrong with working hard and putting a person’s health on the line from week to week?

Growing up in such a competitive world that we live in, most of us are taught at an early age to do whatever we want to do in life and do it to the best of your ability.

Which in reality, means go above and beyond to achieve success, without even realizing how good of health he or she may be in.

Success can sometimes come at a costly rate.

Football is already a rough enough sport, with a 16-game season you can imagine players getting hurt and injuries to occur during the season, but when you see coaches passing out on the field a lot comes to mind, are these coaches getting enough rest?

Not at all, with any sport coaching is demanding especially in the national football league its kind of a “win at any cause” type of an approach.

Being a head NFL coach is far from a cake walk, studying film making big time decisions that can win or lose your team the ballgame is very stressful and is slowly causing concern for the friends and families of these coaches, these are people just like everyone else but with the such a demanding schedule there is simply just not enough time to take of the health of these coaches.

On Nov. 3, Head coach Gary Kubiak of the Houston Texans attempted a casual jog leaving the sideline after the first half the game had been reached, he collapsed at the age of 52.

It was later determined by doctors that Kubiak had suffered from a transient ischemic attack, which in reality is close to a mini stroke.

After missing one game, Kubiak will return to the sidelines to coach his team against the Oakland Raiders on Nov. 17.

Kubiak is not the only coach that has had health complications this season.

John Fox, head coach of the Denver Broncos, will have to undergo surgery to replace an aortic heart valve. Fox will not be able to finish the season with his team at the age of 58.

These coaches are still fairly young, but in this brutal business it is obvious and facts prove that health comes last on the agenda, if at all.

It makes perfect sense, the general managers of these big time multi-million dollar franchises expect nothing short of greatness for their organizations, if not, then they will be fired.

Coaches have families just like regular people.

So when they are fired from a job sometimes your entire family may have to relocate to find work. No matter the circumstances, they believe the team must win even if it kills them.

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