Day: November 5, 2013

Campus Smokes

Is RCC a smoke-free or a free smoking campus? Riverside City College is a smoke-free campus, or so it claims to be, according to a banner that was hanging between two palm trees in front of the RCC theatre. While it is unclear who took the smoking banner down, the spot is now occupied with

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It’s time to remember Cheri Jo

VALERIE OSIER |STAFF WRITER It was something that simply did not happen then, not in peaceful Riverside. Many have said it, “stripped Riverside of its innocence.” And 47 years later, people still haven’t forgotten. “Nobody from my generation is going to forget this, it rocked the town,” said Jeannie Casil-Miller, who knew the victim. It

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Is RCC disaster ready?

When the Zombie apocalypse strikes, can the school handle it? Josa Lamont | News Editor In a world where changes are prevalent and unpredictable, disaster looms around every corner. Despite the imminent dangers, Riverside City College holds class on a sunny fall day like any other day. A teacher drones before a white board in front of a classroom about articles and adjectives, or

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