J.B. on the ball: Fantastic Freshman

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John Braxton | Staff Writer

Ice water running through the veins of the 19-year-old has proven to be more than enough.

College football is very exciting; from week to week you never know what can happen.

These young men at these big time universities have a lot of pressure on them some players can handle it while others may not, but the athletes that can succeed at an early stage in their career have an opportunity to become something very special.

The 6-foot-4-inch, 220 pound Jameis Winston is known as the famous Jameis amongst his teammates and Florida State fans.

Florida State has had some pretty good quarter backs over the years from Christian Ponder as well as EJ Manuel which are both currently playing in the NFL, but at this stage of Winston’s early career he has an opportunity to be one of the best quarter backs to come out of Florida State.

With a record of 6-0, Winston has done some remarkable things thus far, amassing 20 touchdowns and passing for 1,885 yards and only three interceptions.

He has Florida state in national championship contention, in a big time showdown against number three ranked Clemson, the youngster was nothing short of amazing as he picked apart Clemson’s defense in an complete dominant effort passing for 444 yards in a 51-14 massacre that Clemson never saw coming.

There is no stage too big for the young superstar, Florida State is averaging more than 40 points a game behind Winston, his leadership and his maturity has a lot to do with his success, with a smile on his face it just seems like this guy was born to do this.

If Winston can keep this up he will be smiling on the way to a national championship and possibly a Heisman trophy which he is currently third on the list, pressure is not in his vocabulary.

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