Safety advisory for RCC

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On Sunday, Oct. 30, 1966, a Riverside City College student Cheri Jo Bates was murdered in an alley on campus after leaving the library, its anniversary reaffirms the need for safety awareness and self-defense.

The Halloween season has always been filled with trick-or-treating and stranger danger Public Service Announcements.

In keeping with that tradition, here are a list of safety awareness tips from

•Don’t walk alone at night and if you have to, be on the phone
with someone who is aware of your whereabouts.

•Always scan the area 360 degrees around you (late at night is
not the time to walk alone with earphones and music playing).

•When you get into your car, lock your doors and drive away.

•Take elevators instead of stairs.

•Run away if the predator has a gun.

•Think safety over sympathy.

•Keep a cellphone with numbers programed in your emergency speed dial charged and hand.

•Scream, “FIRE”instead of “HELP.”

Cheri Jo Bate’s killer may still be functioning in society and there may be more like him.

However, there do not have to be more victims.

You are your own best protection and your instincts are great indicators for possible danger. If you feel like you need additional self-defense resources in your community go to and enter your ZIP code.

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