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Josa Lamont | News Editor


The LA County sheriff’s is investigating a connection between several robberies from locker rooms during football games from schools and districts in the Southern CA Football Association.


On Oct. 19, Pierce College had a burglary during halftime that resulted in the loss of several cell phones, iPods, tablets, wallets, currency, car keys, etc resulting in a loss of more than $13,500.


The burglary is the second in the recent past for Pierce College of Woodland Hills, and one of several in Southern Calif.


The discovery of the robbery caused fights to break out and vandalism at the campus out of frustration from a game loss, the second robbery and losses and accusations being thrown to the opposing team.


There was a similar burglary on LA Valley campus that hit the home team locker room.


At Cerritos College, there was a report from an officer two weeks prior of a break in to the visiting team locker room.


Santa Monica College had a burglary during halftime that resulted in the loss of more than $8,000 in property and cash.


There are older mentions of incidents from three years ago at Citrus College, where the Tigers will be playing Oct.26, and Santa Monica High school.


Because the effected teams and campuses are so close to Riverside, the police chief is issuing a waning to students for their upcoming games until Nov. 16.


Detective Garcia is covering the Valley and Pierce cases and can be reached at by people with any information about the case.

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