A Frightful Night at Knott’s Berry Farm

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Adriana Freiling | Staff Writer

There’s nowhere to hide this Halloween at Knott’s Scary Farm.

All sorts of monsters lurk throughout the eerie night leaving its victims paralyzed with fear, and finally a legend has returned from the dead with Séance Elvira; Mistress of the Dark.

After Elvira’s show you can find 11 maze attractions are just dying to meet the lively new arrivals.

There is a veil between the living and the dead when Houdini’s ghost appears during a séance in the maze “Black Magic,”  located in Carnevil where clowns roam free and chase their victims into corners and only leave once they find new prey.

“Black Magic” is filled with illusions and a water tank where there is a chance of getting wet through the maze.

Welcoming you to hell is a maze called “Delirium,” located in the Gypsy Camp where Gypsy’s park their wagons, pitch up their tents and delve into devination.

In the maze “Delirium” nightmares that cloud the mind soon come to reality and leave everyone on the brink of insanity.

Grim Reapers roam the halls of the maze and cockroaches and centipedes spread their wings for the moment to jump and scare their victims.

Blood has been spilled in the maze “Dominion of the Damned,” also located in the Gypsy Camp.

At the entrance of the maze you meet The Blood Queen herself and she claims to be the ruler of the damned.

Inside this maze there are Vampires at every dark corner waiting for their moment to catch their prey and suck the life out of them.

Every second there are vampires jumping out left and right, making their victims plea for their life.

The maze “Trick or Treat” is the most detailed maze of them all; you can find this maze in the Gypsy Camp as well.

Dare to ring the witch’s doorbell and enter the mansion where every hall and room is decorated in Hallows Eve décor to the T.

Don’t be surprised if you see a cauldron nearby with some potions and illuminating lights to light up the room, there also may be a witch or two.

Journey back in time to the old Wild West in the maze “The Gunslingers Grave,” also located in the Ghost Town.

Dead cowboys and dead saloon girls are attracted to the living as well as a dead horse that’s carries a hurse, their faces have decayed and blisters have formed around their faces.

Some will jump and attack or some will just sit there and stare.

Finally The Mistress of the Dark has returned in all her comical ghoulish glory, also featuring the hip-hop/freestyle dance team The Academy of Villains direct from America’s Got Talent.

Both acts bring sexy sass and a comedy show to die for. Victims of the show will bust out with laughter.

Ready to scream? Don’t be scared, the dead are just dying to see you.

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