Park at your own risk

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Loud horns, angry drivers and missed classes.

Finding parking at RCC is a frustrating battle every semester that brings out the nastiest attitudes in our student body.

Before heading to school, many students are overwhelmed by the amount of red found on their smartphone GPS applications and leave home knowing that if they do not show up for class on the first day, there is a high chance of being dropped.

Although some professors are more lenient when it comes to showing up on time to class for the first few weeks, students must plan accordingly to play the shell game that is parking at RCC.

If you are one of the “unlucky” ones, parking could take up to an hour, however, has a list of “Top 4 parking tips.”

• Make sure you know the parking rules before driving on campus.

• Arrive for your class or appointment at least 20 minutes early.

• Always park legally.

• Call Parking Services at (951) 222-8520 with any questions.

Thanks for that…

We understand that the campus has become more crowded. Not only has the amount of enrolled students increased, but also the general traffic on campus has been increased, leaving paying students scratching their heads as to why open lots are not converted to temporary parking lots and why unmarked vans are parked in our spaces.

If they are not students why are they parking in the student parking lot?

Why has there been no other recent parking accommodation other than the parking structure, which opened in 2007?

It’s a question that gets asked every semester without an answer.

This has led to a widespread rumor among the students at RCC.

The Viewpoints staff, along with many other students on campus, have always been under the impression that parking during the first two weeks of class was free, easing the stress of working students who need to wait just one more week for their next pay check.

Turns out that it is free, but according to the site on parking:

Parking Services does issue citations beginning on the first day of class…We do not require you to have a current semester permit to park in a designated student space for the first 2 weeks of class during the fall and spring semesters or first week of the summer session.

So lets get this straight.

We are allowed to park in any student-parking stall without a parking permit for the first two weeks, but are subject to receiving tickets from the parking services at any time during those weeks.

Essentially, parking services can give anyone without a permit a ticket during the first two weeks.

Knowing the rules before coming on campus will do absolutely nothing for a rule that leaves the students no choice.

Parking off campus requires a permit in most places and its just impossible at times.

Parking spaces are being added while also being subtracted.

The tennis courts are being re-located to replace the parking lot in front of Math and Science Building.

The parking lot across from the Math and Science Building now will be on the opposite side of the administration building.

Will this add more spaces? Maybe, but how about we get clarification on the parking rules first.

As students are left to ponder how they will pay for another parking ticket, they are also aggressively driving to the open spot in the next row and in the back of their mind they are wondering if they will still be enrolled in their 10 a.m. class.

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