Day: September 25, 2013

Send Silence Packing

Valerie Osier | Staff writer Over 1,000 backpacks were strewn across the quad on Sept. 10, each holding the story of a student lost to suicide. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Every year, 1,100 college students take their own lives, nationwide. To combat this all too frequent tragedy and encourage active discussion of mental health, Active

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ASRCC hosts Club Rush

Luis Solis | Asst. Photo Editor Associated Students of Riverside City College hosted Club Rush at the Riverside City College campus on Terracina Drive, on Sept. 17 and 18. The club booths started from the RCC Quad and it reached as far as the Martin Luther King building. All of Terracina Drive was filled with

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UCR Makes Window to the Brain

Daniel Ghanbari | Staff Writer A team of mechanical engineers from UC Riverside have gotten together and brought the phrase “window into the brain” to reality. They have created a transparent material that could surgically replace patches of the human skull. Project leader Guillermo Aguilar, says biocompatible ceramic material could have a great impact for different purposes. “As you start to look for

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