MTSC brought up to Sniff

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New buildings pose new problems on camps. (Erick Lopez / Staff Photographer)
New buildings pose new problems on camps. (Erick Lopez / Asst. Photo Editor)

Aaliyah Noble Freeny | Staff Writer

In an ongoing saga to rectify problems with the environmental quality, chemical odors and acoustic levels in the Math and Science Building, The Board of Trustees and construction teams report significant progress in their August update.

Forensic Analytical was contracted to provide a comprehensive report of the issues presented in the Math and Science Building.

The report showed elevated CO2 levels, improper airflow, and chemical odors.  Additionally, it showed malfunctioning trap primers and a lack of heating capabilities.

According to p2s, who provided the preliminary report on the HVAC system, the AHU (air handling unit) system design for this building is not adequate to meet the heating needs of the building.

The Board of Trustees met in August and released an update that addressed each of the issues.

The air quality was “repaired” by properly installing the ductwork above room 405 and adjusting the Building Management System and Pheonix System. Alpha Mechanical and Sunbelt will provide an estimate to install Carbon Dioxide Sensors.

The building will be able to keep proper temperature when it is 34 degrees and can maintain temperatures of 31 degrees outside of air temperature.

Although, a new boiler was not installed as previously recommended.

The Board of Trustees said, “Won’t know until winter whether adjustments will result in better heating capacity.”

In an effort to remedy the loud noises, insulation will be added to the tiles in the ceiling in a fourth floor room and air exchanges will occur 6 times per day as opposed to 9.

Samples were taken from the screens in Dr. White’s lab and they were found to be source of foul odors.

GKK is looking into putting rubber stoppers into the eyewashes. The water was retested but allowed to run longer before the samples were collected and were also taken from different sources than the drinking fountains.

The results showed improvement on the presence of microorganisms and copper. Although all of the problems have not been fully remedied the Board of Trustees said, “all issues have been or are being addressed [they are] confident all issues have been fully vetted.

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