Nosey People Suck (N.S.A.)

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Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor

Nosey people suck, and they are everywhere.

How uncomfortable would you be if some weirdo in the digital library kept looking around his cubicle every time you logged on your email,
Facebook or social site?

It sucks but some people don’t respect others privacy and really don’t know how to mind their own business.

It really sucks when our government has adopted these same annoying, disrespectful and nosey methods.

The National Security Agency is a government agency that has the authority to monitor all private phone calls, text message, emails and online activity.

Not only do they have this right to violate privacy and be nosey, but they also have no ability to responsibly handle the contents of their findings.

The NSA has lately been exposed by a highly privileged employee, Eric Snowden, of its abusive procedures and caused a shameful roar within the American community.

The NSA has ignored our rights to privacy and failed to ensure responsible handle of their privileged information.

It’s positive that these abusive methods have come out in the open and to the attention of the American people.

But even with knowledge of such unethical violations what can the average person do about any of it?

The only way to gain protection from government monitoring is to encrypt.

Encryption is the process of encoding your computer messages (or information) so that eavesdroppers or hackers cannot read it.

But authorized parties are still able to penetrate these codes.

The NSA has both the rights and technology to decrypt any encrypted information on any subject of their interest.

It seems no matter what rights you have the government has rights to violate those rights.

The NSA and all other government agencies should have responsible regulations to ensure and respect its citizen’s privacy.

America is based upon the ideal of freedom and it should be the governments prioritized responsibly to unsure its citizen’s freedom— not to violate it.

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