The Roar: Viewpoints Podcast Episode 003

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Episode 003

00:00:20 – Fight at the Digital Library
00:06:20 – Student elections and Doug Figueroa
00:18:56 – ASRCC takes to Facebook
00:37:04 – Iron Man 3 and superhero movies
00:59:45 – Math and Science building potentially making students sick
01:04:04 – Cordyceps fungi infects humans… in The Last of Us
01:07:00 – Mugging on campus

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The screenshot below is ASRCC’s post on Facebook, which has since been deleted, about Viewpoints and our coverage of Doug Figueroa.


2 thoughts on “The Roar: Viewpoints Podcast Episode 003

  1. Thank you Jon, we have been getting more responses that are in the same vain as yours from many students. I am appalled at the immature stance that Viewpoints has taken in regards to this issue and then they have the gall to drag all of ASRCC into on top of that. There are over 90 students whom dedicate hours of their day on top of being full time students to bring services to the student body and the thanks we get is three issues, a podcasts, and probably several more issues in the future of slander. I am sorry, but I would usually be quiet about this, but this is straight bullying at this point and I will not back down….

    Micah Carlson, speaking on behalf of myself.

  2. I think Viewpoints is acting unprofessional too. It is not right to go beyond reporting the news and dragging on the issue with consistent opinion. Allow the student body to base its own opinion on Doug Figueroa. Do not bully the man with your opinions. Viewpoints has lost all its credibility with the consent assumptions and lack of developed articles on the subject. I can see why ASRCC is upset and Viewpoints refuses to notice its own mistake. It shows bad leadership by the editors of the newspaper and it tells students that the newspaper is practicing poor journalism. It makes the message on the newspaper “the voice of the student” inaccurate. Viewpoints and ASRCC need to grow up and move on already.

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