Relient K ‘lets it all out’ to its fans and supporters

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Destiny Rivera | Editor-in-chief


With spring just starting, weather lately has been so bipolar and consequently, so have the diehard fans of Relient K.

Instead of suiting up in a pink tux for prom, it seems like fans should invest in a mood ring.

Relient K told fans at previous shows that a new album was in the works and set to release in January 2012.

However, January passed and fans grew all the more eager with each passing month.

Recently, the band posted several disappointing and equally exciting statements to its Facebook page.

On May 11, they announced that the band would be going on a spring tour with Hellogoodbye and William Beckett starting in Birmingham, Alabama on April 24.

The majority of the venues are located in the cities and states they missed from their summer 2012 tour.

Hellogoodbye, William Beckett and House of Heroes joined Relient K on stage last summer and will be this time around as well, with the exception of House of Heroes.

Meanwhile, John Warne (bassist), Jon Schneck (guitarist) and Ethan Luck (drummer) released a statement on the Relient K Facebook page April 13 saying that they will not be joining Relient K on tour.

“This will be the first tour that the Jo(h)n’s have missed in over eight years, and the first that Ethan has missed since he joined the band in 2008.” they said.

Two days later another post was added to the Facebook page for clarification.

“Life happens. It is difficult to balance families, financial responsibilities, relationships, and the rest of life. Time won’t slow down, and we are all on a journey, becoming the people we are going to be, and figuring out how to live,” the band said.

“The Jo(h)ns and Ethan are not able to do this upcoming tour. We hope to continue to make records and play shows together in the future.”

With that said, the biggest news of all is that their drummer of 5 years is leaving Relient K.

On April 21 Ethan Luck, released yet another statement informing the already dissatisfied supporters.

“It saddens me, more than you know, to tell you that I have left Relient K. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the last 5 years. You all made me feel like I was in the band longer than I was.” Luck said.

“Thank you all for taking the time and spending the money to come to the shows, allowing me to have a job in music. Thank you for spending time with me after shows, having good conversation or just saying hello. I am beyond grateful.”

The news quickly spread throughout social media and fans instantly expressed their grief on the parting.

This is not the first time a member of Relient K departed from the band. According to past band members include: Todd Frascone– drums (1998), Stephen Cushman– drums, backing vocals (1998–2000), Brian Pittman– bass (1998–2004) and Dave Douglasdrums, backing vocals (2000-2007). The same day a lyric video for their new song “Don’t Blink” from the upcoming album Collapsible
Lung” went up on Faceook and their YouTube channel.

The entire album in now set to release sometime in July. As for now, fans have the new single to keep them content, a spring tour, and a whole new album to look forward to.

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