New recycling program takes hold at RCC

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Amanda Arroway | News Editor

An announcement at the Eco-Fair April 21 revealed that a new recycling program is being implemented at Riverside City College.

The RCC Recycle Committee and the Student Sustainability Collective revealed that they would be working with Burrtec to implement the new program in a series of phases. Phase I will include green waste from the grounds and recyclable materials from the cafeteria. Phase II will expand the efforts to the other areas of campus.

Phase I has already begun and, in honor of Earth Week, recycling efforts in the cafeteria are starting immediately. The grounds crew has also begun to recycle green waste.

In an e-mail from Tonya Huff, Associate Professor of Life Sciences, she writes, “The majority of the waste produced on the RCC campus will be able to be
recycled!” “Things that may be placed in the recycle bins (blue bins with chasing arrows symbol) include: plastic and glass bottles, paper,aluminum cans, tinfoil, Styrofoam cups, plates, and food containers (minus the food), soda cup lids and straws, plastic bags, plastic silverware, and plastic cups.”

“Things that must still go in the trash bins (plain grey bins) include: food items, waxed soda cups, used napkins, plates/containers with a lot of food residue, cellophane,foil packets for chips and other snacks, juice boxes, and condiment packets (like ketchup/mustard packets).”

Huff says that in order for the program to be successful, students, faculty and staff need to help by using the proper bins as they see them in the cafeteria, and later around campus. Another key element to the program’s success is educating other students, faculty, and staff about using the correct bins as well.

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