RCC community honors César Chávez with march and lecture

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Cypress Calderon | Staff Writer

The Student California Teacher Association hosted a César Chávez lecture by Don Guapo on March 19 at Riverside City College.

Historians Miguel Arias, Raul Macias and Abelardo Gonzalez accompanied him.

The assembly started with a march from the Martin Luther King Jr. Teaching and Learning Center to the Administration building where the lecture took place.

During the parade participants shouted, “Si, se puede!” (Yes, we can!), while carrying boxes of fruits, vegetables and Chávez banners.

Chávez, who fought against injustice, saw the promise of change. He wanted to carry on the vision of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr., petitioning with nonviolent acts.

He was a veteran of the war, who then decided to dedicate his life to be a civil rights activist who co-founded the National Farm Workers Association.

“I’m a campesino; I grew up raising food to eat,” Arias said. “I moved to America in 1976 to better my life.”

Arias said he went to Modesto to grow almonds with his brothers. He spent 38 years in the field and earning $10 an hour.

He credits Chávez that he has the health benefits he needs.

“I want to let the people in the fields know that RCC fully understands, supports and has compassion for all of the Campesinos,” Arias said.

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