Graphic art student wins film festival’s poster contest

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Juliana Zapata | Asst. News Editor

For the third consecutive time, a Riverside City College student had their design selected to represent this year’s Riverside International Film Festival.

Noor Khodr is the latest RCC student to win the competition.

Khodr has been at RCC for two years. She began her education in 2002 when she started majoring in architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.

Seven years later, Khodr decided to go back to college and change her major to graphic design.

“I have always loved design and how it affects everything around us,” she said. “After studying architecture for two years, I decided to change my major to graphic design in order to be able to balance family and career more effectively.”

Khodr said she is interested in branding, logo design and advertisement.

She was enrolled in a computer art class with Instructor Shawn McKelvey, which allowed her to submit her poster to the competition.

“The Art Department at RCC is amazing and I feel very lucky to be able to take classes here,” she said. “Students leave educated and prepared for the challenges that they will face ahead.”

Khodr said she knows the art classes at RCC have contributed to her success as a graphic design student.

“Prior to taking McKelvey’s class I had not worked with Photoshop that much,” Khodr said. “The class really taught me a lot.”

The poster competition took place last December and Khodr’s poster was one of the best five in her computer design class. The posters were submitted by the instructor.

“This competition means a lot to me because I feel that it is a good opportunity to showcase my graphic design style” Khodr said.

She said she believes that in graphic design, “less is more,” and that is what she tried to imply with her poster. The poster is composed of an orange peel and a film reel.

Khodr said she was inspired by the history of Riverside and her love for vintage style.

“The poster is clean, crisp, fresh, in your face and to the point,” Khodr said. “I didn’t want to go the same route I figured all the other contestants were going to go; with a theater in the background.”

Khodr said she wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before, and that she carefully planned out her poster.

Khodr’s poster is the face of the Riverside International Film Festival and it will be displayed around the Riverside area.

In addition, she received $250 and all access passes to the festival.

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