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Nicholle Salvatierra / Staff Writer

Just when you think that there has been a movie about every storyline and film makers must resort to making sequels, Disney is able to prove you wrong.

The concept of the film is refreshing as it combines Disney magic and video game action.

This idea really makes the viewer believe that when arcade games are shut off at the end of the day, the characters have a life of their own.

“Wreck It Ralph” is the story of Ralph, whose purpose is to be the, “bad guy,” in his arcade game called “Fix it Felix.”

Felix is glorified by the other members of the game because of his heroic deeds to save their homes with his magic hammer.

Ralph is jealous of the attention Felix receives and tries to earn his way into popularity.

Ralph’s attempts of heroism lead him into a series of events, entering different games in the arcade. Ralph meets a young girl by the name of Vanellope von Schweetz, a “glitch” in the car racing game “Sugar Rush.”

Both Vanellope and Ralph endure hardships to achieve their goals and push through difficult times with their strong determination.

Vanellope wants to be a, “racer,” for Sugar Rush, just as bad as Ralph wants to be a “hero.”

The film has numerous familiar characters such as Pac Man, Bowser, and Sonic, as well as a variety of newer Disney characters with video game qualities.

The casting of the film was brilliantly voiced as John C. Riley captivates Ralph’s innocent and clumsy qualities.

While Sarah Silverman combines childhood sweetness with toilet humor for Vanellope, and Jane Lynch voices as the ideal strong woman for Sgt. Calhoun.

The musical selection for “Wreck It Ralph” covers various genres to create the ideal setting as the film switches from different game settings and characters express emotion.

Alongside composer Henry Jackman’s score, artist such as Kool & the Gang, Skrillex, and AKB48 complement the film.

The animation in the film is truly unique because characters from games from Pong to Call of Duty are combined in the same setting.

The first scene that shows what happens behind the glass of the old school arcade game is truly breath taking as it perfectly combines the maneuvers of minimal, pixilated characters in a newer 3D view.

This film ranks as the current number one film in the country, ahead of films such as: Flight, Argo, and The Man with the Iron Fist.

The movie is ideal for those of all ages because it combines generations of familiar video game characters, and combines them with the newly created ones for the film. Whether you are familiar with Pong, Mario, or just Wreck it Ralph himself, you will be able to love this film.

“Wreak It Ralph” is certainly worth a trip to the theatre and is perfectly viewable in either 2D and if you’re willing to spend the extra couple bucks, 3D.

Before the film there is also a heartwarming short film called, “Paperman.” This short alone is worth viewing.

This simply animated short expresses so many emotions, without a single word spoken by any of the characters.

While it may not be as humorous like the short films before Pixar films, it still sets an optimistic tone for the feature film preceding it.

“Wreck It Ralph” may not be the classic Disney fairytale, but it certainly has the same ability to make an adult appreciate things that are make believe and feel young again.

Illustration by Jackie Trejo

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