Corrections for the Nov. 1 issue

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Viewpoints made multiple factual errors in its last issue.

In the Nov. 1 issue, Viewpoints said the election date was Nov. 8 on Page 2, when the actual date for the election is Nov. 6.

On Page 5 Viewpoints said the sales tax rate would increase by 25 percent if Proposition 30 passes; but actually the sales tax rate would increase by .25 percent if Proposition 30 passes.

On Page 5 again, Viewpoints said education funding would be cut by $5,354 billion if Proposition 30 is not passed by voters. It is actually $5.354 billion being cut in education funding if Proposition 30 is not passed by voters.

On Page 9 Viewpoints said Mark Takano and John Tavaglione are running for the U.S. Senate; but they are actually running for the 41st congressional district.

On Page 3 Viewpoints spelled Dariush Haghighat’s name wrong. Viewpoints spelled it Dariush Haghidhat.

Viewpoints student editors are developing procedures to reduce the number of significant errors from appearing in future issues of the newspaper. These procedures will include, among other changes, using editing checklists and having multiple editors read everything that is to appear in the newspaper before it is submitted for publication.

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