RCC’s cafeteria seeks to expand on campus

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Tabatha Carrazza / Staff Writer

Since the opening of the math, science and nursing buildings at Riverside City College, a lot of the student population has shifted to that side of the campus, according Cheryl Ruzak, food services director at the college.

Because the current location of the cafeteria is stationed at the opposite side of the campus, the Food Services Department has decided to expand.

Ruzak said new food service facility will be built underneath the digital library, and although the idea is still in its planning stages, it is expected to be in service during the fall 2013 semester. She said the reasoning behind the new café is to cater to the students who don’t have enough time to walk to the cafeteria due to their schedules.

“(The cafeteria) is not in an ideal spot,” Ruzak said. “We are going to meet the needs of the students that have classes on that side of the campus.”

Ruzak said the department expects business to shift 60 to 70 percent to the new café, but the dramatic changes won’t affect the stability of the original food service facility.

“(The new café) will change the makeup of the cafeteria over here, but we are going to make sure that the menu offerings are different,” she said.
Due to high demand, the second café will host an in-house coffee concept.

Students will be able to buy hot drinks such as cappuccinos, espressos, or a classic cup of Joe that will be made to order. It will also offer freshly made sandwiches and paninis.

The new cafeteria will also include large outside seating area, where students will be able to relax by the healing garden and enjoy their food.

Food made to order is what makes the café different from the food service trailers that have been on RCC’s campus in the past which sold pre-packaged food. Although the Food Service Department does not currently use the trailers, Ruzak said that there is a possibility of bringing them back, if it is cost effective.

Chris Cortez, a RCC student, thinks he will visit the new cafeteria due to convenience.

“My classes are by the (Quadrangle),” he stated. “It’s not a far walk (to the cafeteria), but I still have to go out of my way; (With the opening of the second café) I would go to the café more often.”

Other students, however, don’t believe they would go to the cafeteria more, for different reasons. Selena Ulloa, an RCC student, doesn’t eat at the café often for health and financial reasons.

“I want to eat healthy, and salads here are about three to four bucks, but have bacon and other stuff in it,” she said. “The other food is deep fried and not good for you. I could just make (food) at home.”

Ulloa said the cafeteria needs more food options than expanding its business.

“If you’re going to have ‘healthy’ food, make it healthy,” she said.

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