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RCC students explore transferring options

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By Manuel Gray / Staff Writer

The Transfer Center of Riverside City College hosted an annual fall transfer event on campus.

The event is for California State Universities, University of Californias, private universities and out of state universities to come and educate students about their colleges.

The Transfer Center had 10 CSUs, seven UCs, 21 private universities and three out of state colleges in attendance.

The Transfer Center had universities such as Southern California, University of Alaska and Columbia.

As November approaches students are rushing to fill out their Cal State University and University of California application so they can transfer in the fall of 2013. Many students have been at RCC for two years or more working on completing transfer requirements.

As time gets closer for many students, they are stressing to finish their last year at RCC.

“It has been such a hard work these last couple of years,” said RCC student Ismael Reyes. “Finally I get to transfer out and even though it’s stressful. It was well worth it.”

Associate Professor Monica Delgadillo-Flores and Educational Advisor Kheesa Slaughter who are in charge of the Transfer Center started planning the event in the summer of 2012. They worked to get many universities from all over the country to attend the transfer fair.

University of Alaska Representative Marnie mentioned Alaska to be a very beautiful and a college students should choose if they are up for exploring nature.

“Students need to have a sense of adventure and know it’s very far away, if they are interested in attending Alaska University,” Marnie said.

Many students attended the transfer fair and were looking forward to talking with all of the colleges represented.

Some students wanted to transfer to a UC or Cal State that are located near a beach.

“UC San Diego has excellent opportunity, over 130 programs, and a really good location,” said Tom Johnson, UC San Diego representative.

Students were asking question on how to apply, the different programs the Cal States, and UC offer, tuition prices, housing, and clubs and organization they can be involved in.

“I am a part of a club here on campus, and I would love to be a part of a club or organization when I transfer to either Cal State Fullerton or San Francisco State,” said RCC student Manuel Rodriguez.

The Transfer Center located in the Cesar E Chavez building and is very pleased to know it hosted such a successful event.

“It’s an honor to host such a successful event,” said Slaughet. “I am here to help students further their education by giving them knowledge on how to transfer.”

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