Michelle Obama’s speech changes face of election

Figuring out who to vote for in this upcoming presidential election in November can seem tough and frustrating, but if you heard Michelle Obama’s speech, she made your mind up for you.

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By Michelle Mathis

By Michelle Mathis

Figuring out who to vote for in this upcoming presidential election in November can seem tough and frustrating, but if you heard Michelle Obama’s speech, she made your mind up for you.
On Sept. 4, Obama delivered what is already considered to be one of the finest speeches ever given at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, according to Gordon Stewart of CNN. Obviously, the intent for her speech was to support and promote her husband, President Barack Obama, as well as explain to the public why she believes her husband should be re-elected as president.
The praise and focus however, was not on Barack, his policies, or even his presidency for that matter, but instead her speech was centered on the themes of love, hope, and family values.
 She dwelled on specific stories: such as her father working very hard to not only support their family, but struggling to pay for both her and her brother to go to college through student loans, as well as, recalling Barack’s grandmother facing inequality in the workplace because she was a woman.
All of her experiences definitely hit home with many Americans and especially the Democrats, who, according to E.J. Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post, were brought to tears.
If you were once confused or at the very least curious as to who is going to win the 2012 presidential election, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton confirmed Barack’s victory considering the overwhelming great responses to both of their speeches.
Obama’s speech was not only heartfelt and emotional but it was relatable to many American Citizens.
When you think of the people in the spotlight we tend to dehumanize them and put them on a high pedestal as if they could do no wrong. Obama quickly defused that theory concerning her family by recalling past memories dealing with poverty, financial burdens, inequality, illness, etc.
 Her humble beginnings resonated with a majority of the American people because her relatable experiences created such a strong impact. The idea that the Obama’s are average everyday people really opened many citizens’ minds causing them to truly listen and understand what was at stake during this election.
Regardless of one’s political views or beliefs, no one could deny the authenticity in her emotion when talking about her love for being a mother and her love for her husband. That “love” compared to the “love” she demonstrated when talking about the greatness, the motivation, and her passion for Americans and the United States seemed to be one in the same. This largely felt emotion confirmed how much the Obama’s truly care for their country and everyone’s well-being in the United States of America.
Obama did eventually recap on Barack’s policies because in the end it is still a political convention.
Michelle Obama humanized Barack by recalling personal stories of their past and relating to millions of Americans which is the opposite of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Obama’s emotional impact was authentic and real; it personified them as real human beings with everyday problems.    
Michelle Obama could have spoken more of Barack’s policies, such as abortion and gay marriage, making that part of her speech coincide equally with the emotional appeal. Michelle  ultimately made the right decision in keeping the American minds focused on the emotional rather than the political because we all know how dependent we Americans are on our emotions.
This speech is without a doubt going to impact the presidential election. Everyone might as well get used to Barack because after this speech it is unlikely he is going anywhere besides the White House.


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