NBC’s newest reality show

NBC’s latest reality show, “Stars Earn Stripes,” is described on NBC’s web site as an “action packed competition show that pays homage to the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed forces.” It has caused quite controversy amongst viewers.

A season full of promising success

As the roar from the eager Tigers fans engulfed the sold out Wheelock Stadium, and the frigid autumn breeze swirled, Quarterback Dalton Livingston took a knee out of the victory formation sealing the win and capping off the second undefeated season in Riverside City College football history.

Top missed summer albums

The summer is no more a season, than it is an idea.

The youth are freed to wreak havoc and run rampant through the suburban sprawl, or depending on your geolocation, wallow in pools of sweat from Mars-like heat.

Loans are strain for retirees

Once upon a time we would all pile into the car on summer vacations and go to grandma’s house. We wait all year for school to be over until we reach freedom, freshly baked cookies, cable TV and whatever granny felt like spoiling us with at the time.

Riverside implements reforms

For the first time in the city’s history, instructors from Riverside Unified School District, Alvord Unified School District, Riverside City College and the UC Riverside will work together to improve the curriculum and make students better prepared for college coursework.

RCC increases parking permit fees

Students will have to dig deeper into their pockets because Riverside City College raised the cost of parking permits to $50 for the new fall semester and $25 for the summer semester. RCC was allowed to do this because of legislation which was passed that allows increases in parking fees.

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