RCC loses dean of Academic Support

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By Ashley Anderson / News Editor

By Ashley Anderson / News Editor

Riverside City College loses Marilyn Martinez-Flores, dean of Academic Support, at the end of the spring semester.

Administrators and resources for Academic Support at RCC faces an estimate of over $600,000 in reductions, as Cynthia Azari, president of RCC, trims the $2.68 million from the RCC budget.

Martinez-Flores oversees the English, film department and as world languages department at the college, she also helped bring programs such as Community for Academic Progress and Jump Start to RCC.

CAP is a program that utilizes learning communities designed to allow students to enroll in grouped or paired courses that share common themes, activities, and assignments.

The program creates an environment for staff and students to work and learn together and allows students to learn tools to successfully complete courses in a cohesive environment.

“The program when (Martinez-Flores) got it-is not how it is today,” said Tara Mccarthy, educational advisor at RCC. “The program completely has been reinvented and once we got good faculty on board who were supportive took it to a whole new level.”

Jump Start with a slogan of “remembering what you already know,” is a program that involves an intense skill strengthening summer workshop for students placed remedially by the accuplacer at RCC who then get the chance to retake the accuplacer test in hopes of changing there score for a better score.

“She’s a great example to women on campus” said Angela Calitri, RCC student. “An absolute mentor as an administrator she’s helpful; students like me wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

CAP a program that has helped over 1,200 students since it began under Martinez-Flores direction in 2006, and the Jump Start program helping over 80 students will now have to be absorbed by another administrator.

“What’s disheartening about the situation is were losing the diversity on campus, even her in general, she’s a Latina woman in a high position on campus who does truly want to represent the students, I can’t help but think it’s our loss and someone else’s gain,” said Mccarthy.

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