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By Edwin Chavez / Staff Writer

Jumping ahead (Allison Perez / Photo Editor)

By Edwin Chavez / Staff Writer

Both of the Riverside City College Tigers track and field teams came out victorious against the Saddleback College Gauchos on Feb. 24.
The men’s team defeated the Gauchos 137-17, while the women’s team defeated the Gauchos 110-38, in an Orange Empire Conference meet at RCC’s Wheelock Field.
Tigers’ runner Yusef Merriweather set the best time in the state in the 100-meter dash with a time of 10:04:06.
 “It’s the No. 1 time in the state right now, he is a solid guy and we are just in our training phase, so he is going to get a lot faster and it was not unexpected but it definitely stood out,” said Jim McCarron, coach of the men’s RCC track and field.
Merriweather and teammate Chris Chamness also tied in the 200-meter race with a time of 00:21.52. Chamness also won with a state leading time of 00:48.06, and in the 4×400 relay, the Tigers ran for a time of 3:14.
Brittany Osborne won the women’s 100-meter dash with a time of 00:12.40 and the top three finishers in the 100-meter dash; all finished under 12 seconds and bettered their previous best seasonal mark.
The Tigers swept the 200-meter, 800-meter, and 1500-meter dash with Merriweather and Chamness tying the 200-meter with a time of 00:21.52.
Willie Contreras led with a time of 1:57.18 in the 800-meter dash and the 1500-meter first place runner clocking in at a time of 4:05 was Eric Brockhoff.
Tigers’ hurdler Jonte Turner swept the hurdles running in at 00:14.71. Turner also won the 400 IH running 00:54.35.
The Tigers also had two 4×100 relay teams win their races and both come in under 42 second with times of 00:41.56 and 00:41.70. 

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