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By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

By Javier Cabrera / Editor in Chief

Many Riverside City College students are focused on transferring to a four-year university while others are working to earn an Associate’s degree prior to transferring.

But there is a small group of students who are doing more than that.

These RCC students are working with UC Riverside students and professors from both colleges on undergraduate researches.

Brent Malcomb and Louise Daniels are the two RCC students from the Science Technology Engineer and Math, who have been working on undergraduate researches and recently returned from the Southern California Conference of Undergraduate Research.

The conference, which was held at Mt. San Antonio College this year, serves host to the best research, scholarships and creative activities in the region for the following disciplines: arts, humanities, social studies, natural science and applied science.

“It is really big,” Malcomb said. “It is really diverse with all types of students with different types of majors and backgrounds.”

“It is a really rewarding experience,” he said.

Students were given the choice to present their research through an oral presentation or poster presentation. Malcomb and Daniels were two of at least one hundred students presenting through a poster.

“I was really nervous,” Daniels said of being a part of the conference.

Malcomb and Daniels said they chose a poster because they have been presenting their research through one all summer while they were a part of the “Building Bridges across Riverside” program at UC Riverside.

Malcomb did his research on “The Effects of pH on Perchlorate Biodegradation,” while Daniels did her research on “Fate, Transport, and Removal of Nanoparticles in Groundwater.”

Daniels said her research will be a part of another student’s research which will be getting published.

“It speaks very highly of the quality of Louise and Brent’s research that they were invited to present,” said Heather Smith.

Smith is the students’ professor and one of the advisers overseeing the “Building Bridges across Riverside” program.


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