‘Modern Warfare 3’ a solid ending to franchise

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By Rafael Rodriguez / Staff Writer

Kill confirmed (Gamepress)

By Rafael Rodriguez / Staff Writer

Infinity Ward returns with its first person shooter franchise “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and it’s possibly the best in the series delivering one of the definitive first-person shooters of this generation.

The game Menus and interface are simple and easy to navigate and makes sure it’s easy to jump in right away to the game mode desired.

The campaign mode of the game feels all too familiar to those of the previous installments, pitting the player against waves of enemies until the player proceeds to the next checkpoint and doesn’t really give the freedom to look around in the game, which the player might want to do as the story is quite uninteresting.

Although not as deep as the other games, “Modern Warfare 3” gets the job of ending the saga.

This game’s story continues where the last one left off, the world is still on the brink of a new world war, and the player must try to find Makarov, the terrorist who started all the terror, to prevent a frontal assault from Russia on the U.S.

The story puts the player in various locations around the world and it hails as an adrenaline-filled roller coaster from start to finish as the set pieces of the game are spectacular, putting the player in many different scenarios such as a high speed getaway on a motorized dingy or in a war-torn Paris watching the Eiffel tower collapse.

The multiplayer is fantastic and as addictive as ever, with new weapons and equipment that players unlock as they level up.

Sixteen new multiplayer maps open the world up even larger and are thrill to play in.

Although the game has classic game modes like Team Death Match and Domination, it keeps things fresh with new game modes such as Kill Confirmed where the player has to neutralize the enemy teams and pick up dog tags that will then add onto the team score.

These new game modes also enforce a more teamwork paced multiplayer game than those of previous installments by adding more strategy on the battlefield and team coordination.

Also new are class based options allowing players to customize the feel of the game to their liking and make sure they play it the way they want, whether that’s being a lone wolf or a team supporter.

Each class has a different way of leveling up.

Assault classes are for more aggressive players.

The class rewards players for every kill they achieve, giving them a varied arsenal of new weapons such as controllable helicopters and strafe runs from fighter jets.

The Support class is more for the team player in the group, allowing them to level up depending on their achievements on the objectives at hand rather than on how many kills the player gets, as with other modes.

By doing this they can gain more equipment that will benefit the whole team such as bulletproof vests and radars to locate the other team.

The Specialist class is for players who are more comfortable with the game.

Instead of rewarding them with equipment, they get more perks, a certain game modifying attribute the player can equip to benefit them on the battlefield such as faster reloading, which is always an appreciated upgrade.

Alongside the competitive multiplayer, Spec-ops mode also returns from “Modern Warfare 2” putting in one to two players, whether online or off, to different exciting scenarios that the players have to overcome.

For the first time in the series, it tackles a horde mode game type, with survival mode like that of the “Gears of War” franchise.

Here the players, solo or with a buddy, take on infinite waves of enemies, growing stronger as new waves begin.

It works really well and is very addictive, as the player can unlock more weapons to help in the onslaught.

Adding on to help players, “Call of Duty Elite,” a paid subscription program, gives players a plethora of extra tools at their disposal that will help them improve their game.

Tools such as spawn points, and the in-game maps help the player plan areas of attack.

Overall this is a fantastic addition to the already massive game franchise.

Although running on an already dated game engine, it still runs smooth and is a marvel to look at.

The game’s orchestrated soundtrack also helps add to the massive set points in the game.

Sure the story is a little lacking and short, only running about five hours, the multiplayer alone will keep the players engaged for months to come.


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