RCC students are feeling the high gas prices

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By Jesse Garcia / Staff Writer

By Jesse Garcia / Staff Writer

Gas prices are an ongoing issue in the country and at Riverside City College for students, faculties, and staff.  

According to the Federal Trade Commission, gas prices are affected by the basic principle of supply and demand.

Therefore if supply grows the effect will be an upward shift in the gas price.

The United States consumes over 400 million gallons of gasoline every day.

Such a high demand and supply of gas causes the prices to go up.  

Another affect that causes an increase in gas prices is a disturbance in the supply.  

This is the cause that the U.S. faces today.

Since the turmoil in Libya and Saudi Arabia, there has been a disruption in the supply.

Although some might say the oil from Libya shouldn’t be a huge problem, it seems to have had a downward effect on the nation.

Gas prices can vary from city to city even corner to corner. Usually it is not a drastic change, but sometimes can vary by 10-20 cents.  

Comparisons of gas prices from various local gas stations are available at gasbuddy.com.   

The best deal in Riverside according to gasbuddy.com seems to be the Fastrip gas station located at Arlington Avenue and Tyler avenue, with the price of regular gas starting at $4.09 a gallon as of May 10.  

A close second is Arlington Gas located between Arlington Avenue and Rutland Avenue starting at $4.09 a gallon as of May 10 as well.

Gas prices are taking a toll on transportation, causing RCC students to seek ways of cutting their gas consumption.  

Some students have found alternative means of transportation.  

Some students are taking the bus in order to save money on gas.

“I take three buses to get to school and three buses back home to Beaumont,” said RCC student Andre Barker.

“The first bus I take is at the local Kmart, and that takes me to the Moreno Valley mall. From there I get a bus to downtown Riverside, where I get in a final bus to take me to school,” Barker said.

According the Riverside Transit Agency website, students can plan their route and budget how much it will cost. The schedule of the bus arrival is also available.  

Some students, such as Mara Dorough, take a different approach to saving money on gas by carpooling.

 “My friends and I carpool in order to save gas,” Dorough said.

 For more information on local gas stations visit http://www.gasbuddy.com or for local bus routes visit http://www.local.com.

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